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Reflection on the course

This is it, my final blog.

So basically starting this thing over, I’ll go over my feelings about the assignments we did over this 15-week course. To be honest, after the first 6 weeks I thought I was way over my head. I was struggling with getting everything set up and getting my domain up and running. Because of that, it made me fall behind with my assignments and really just put me way behind. So basically, my first opinion was that setting up our domain and web hosting went too quickly. I’m guessing with my assumption that I was a small minority of people that had this problem, but nonetheless that was my first problem or comment about it.

The main difficulty with me was keeping together all my usernames and different accounts that we had to create. It became very difficult to keep all this together. Add that in, with the face that I had no idea what I was doing, so when I heard talk about needing to set up my domain, web-host, is my RSS in order, word-press and in subcategories of that like c-panel and wp-admin. Honestly, it just went too fast or maybe wasn’t cleared up but to be fair to myself, I probably didn’t give it the full amount of effort that I needed to. Part of it was laziness and lack of interest, another part of it was me trying to read through Adel Kay’s story and web augmenting, and web 2.0. I found it all very difficult to do. So I guess maybe a suggestion to that would be make those assignments due a little later. Those 6 frame picture stories would probably have been a better fit during this time for me.

Those reading were very difficult to get through on their own. I will say that they were good for the course though. From what I was able to grab from the readings, I actually learned some interesting things and got some ideas of tools I could use for my digital story telling. 

Final critique I have was deadlines and due dates. It was hard for me to get assignments in on time because I never knew if the assignment was due at midnight the day before class, two hours before class, or due during the start of class. So maybe a suggestion would be a course-long deadline or whatever you call it.

Some things that I really enjoyed was working with flickr. My favorite part was the daily photo assignments actually. I’ve never really been all that creative but when being given a creative assignment like that and seeing people’s photos really helped trigger the creative part of my brain. Not to sound corny or anything, but it helped prove the ageless saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just the different ways to deliver a story through flickr images was very interesting. Either by a 5 frame story with no words or just one picture being able to tell a days worth of events. Different ways of delivering a story like that was really interesting to me actually. I really suggest more work be done with flickr. From what I saw with other people’s blogs it seemed like others enjoyed the photo assignments.

Sound project was pretty interesting for me as well. Basically getting the opportunity to experiment was fun to me. Especially the fact that I am not tech savy, I was able to do things that I see other people’s domains so that was good. Another thing I really enjoyed about the class was learning about different websites. I had never heard of Jing or chat roulette, or audacity so I really placed value on that. I recommend you keep doing assignments with different sites like that, because not only is it interesting but you really get learn about the new “web 2.0” haha. But seriously, I think sites like that are really important to learn about in the 21st century world.

Now finally with my digital storytelling. I actually really enjoyed this aspect of the class. I was able to find a story that I could really get behind and since I was already doing all the work, writting it down was all that difficult. At first, I was just writting down game reports and when I was heading to the gym, but eventually my writting evolved, into what areas I needed to evolve in and started wrtting about where our team need to strengthen and made predictions against future opponents. Because of this digital assignment, I have actually considered becoming a coach in the near-future as well. Once I became comfortable with a media website (flickr), i started adding highlights, post-interviews, and slideshow photos. I was fairly happy with my digital story. I was even able to find professional players recovering from their injuries so it was interesting being able to have a connection in a way to them. One thing I wish I did was include photos and videos of my training sessions. Whether it was practicing with my teams or heading to the gym. Other than that I was satisfied with my blog. I didn’t really think I needed to use audacity to tell my story. Maybe I could have added some more interviews in audacity but to be quite honest I like video interviews better.

All and all, I really enjoyed this course and will recommend it to people in the future. If you had asked me 6 weeks into the course I would have given a different answer, but as soon as we got into flickr and our own digital story the class became one of my favorites that have taken so far in my college career. It was also very enjoyable to see other people’s blogs and see what they were talking about and how they compiled things. Thanks for reading my blog.

Take care
– J

Game report on Indoor Semi's and Finals


Last monday we won the championship pretty handedly. First game we played was the semis because we were awarded a bye. We played against a team that we had tied earlier in the season but we all felt we let the game get away from us so we really wanted to send a message in this game. We started out with all of the possession and tested them early on. We, and especially myself, have had some trouble lately scoring and it looked like that was going to be the case early in the game. Eventually we turned it on and got 3 quick goals near the end of the first half. We quickly added 2 more in the beginning of the 2nd half. With that, the game was killed off and we tried to conserve our energy for the championship so we just worked the ball around. They got a goal against the run of play and we responded by adding one more. The game had a few testy moments here and there so it was good to have a large win against the team.

In the championship game, like i expected, the other team was completely drained from their closely contested semi-final game and never really posed a challenge against us. We went up 5-0 in the first half, with myself scoring the first and 3rd goal. In the 2nd half, the team was even more drained, and we had open shooting at the goal. I ended the game with 5 goals and finally found my scoring touch. Towards the end we just played around with the ball and didn’t really focus on our defensive responsibilities and allowed the other team to score 5 goals. The game ended 13-5 in our favor. All in all it was a solid end to a solid season. We finished the regular season in first place and won the playoffs like we planned. Everyone had a great season, from goalie to our forwards.


Wordle: Dannebrog

Semi-finals and Finals of Indoor season


UMW Club Game Cip 2

Game Report of UMW Club


There was quite a bit of confusion whether this game would be played or not. Originally the plan was to play against ODU Club team but they cancelled on us literally last minute. We were able to schedule a game against Courtland Varsity team last minute. Courtland are in mid-season so they were in shape and had established some team chemistry so it wasn’t going to be an easy win as must people would expect.

On a beautiful saturday afternoon Courtland fielded a very strong side which was filled with speed and a couple of very talented players. The game opened up pretty well for us and we got a shot of early and even had a couple of corners. Kyle Nero in particular was causing quite a bit of havoc on their right side with his speed and had a couple of shots hit side netting. Courtland built of most of their attacks by sending a long balls up the side and trying to advantage of their fitness and speed over us. For the most part of backline was able to cope with their speedy players. We were able to get consecutive corners and we converted on the 2nd one. Kyle Nero sent in a corner that was contested by myself and two of the Courtland defenders. Luckily enough the ball fell to my feet and I was able to poke the ball to Erik for him to rifle a shot off a Courtland defender. With about 10 mins left in the half our backline got exposed with a through ball and Courtland sent a cross into the box where another one of their players was able to convert it in. The first half ends 1-1.

2nd half we started of most of the attack and Courtland wasn’t really able to gain any meaningful possession in their attacking half. Our right flank was starting to open up and I was able to get a lot more time with the ball. About 15 mins into the half I switched to the center mid possession where I was able to pick up the ball in the midfield and did a quick give and go with John who placed the ball perfectly to my feet which allowed me to have a one on one with the keeper which i converted to make it 2-1. Within 2 mins after the goal, I tallied up my 2nd with a cross from Matt Kennedy who did very well to keep the ball in and find me in the center to volley it in to make it 3-1. After that, the game was comfortably ours and we soaked up Courtlands pressure well and even exposed them on a counter attack in the final 5 mins to make it 4-1 courtesy of John.

Video Clips from UMW Club Game

Videos of Club Game



Game Report of Men's League Game


My brother and I

My brother and I


Here is the game report from our assistant coach for the game.

DD 2 x 1 Armenia
“On this sunny beautiful Sunday we won the “el classico” of WISL 1st 2×1 (I should maybe have omitted this remark for it must bring bad memories to our fierce leader and Real Madrid supporter manager :-). Armenia, the top team of the table, came confident to this game backed by 3 wins. Danish Dynamite having tied its opening game at home last week could not afford losing more points in front of its supporters. Playing in its traditional 4-4-2 schema, with Mathias, Roland, Kenety and Joel in the back, Serge, Josh, Pascal, John and Andreas in the mid and Erik, Jona K and Jacob up front, DD imposed its game from the beginning and never lost its composure. We opened the score when Serge’s corner connected to Jonas at the first post. Jonas header perfect motion found the net to put us ahead on the scoreboard deservedly. The pressure was all ours during the first 45 minutes. However, Armenia tied the game on the only chance they had when they managed to break through our defense and lob Peter. In the second half we dominated again and this time we created a ton of chances. In the first 10 minutes we should have scored 3 times but instead we missed those chances. First with Mathias on the left on a diagonal ball by Pascal. Mathias missed it in front of the keeper. Then Josh from within the box missed not by much. Jonas had a header that flirted with the post on a cross by John. And we kept pounding, Jacob missed a one on one with the keeper but his shot hit the post. Serge had a great run on the left and crossed to Jacob free in front of the goal but he missed the ball. Erik had a break through the middle but in front of the keeper his shot got blocked. Then they had one guy sent out for headbutting Jonas. I was getting nervous at around this time. Is this one of those days where we miss 10 goals and get punished in the end? But finally at 35 minutes of the second half, Josh cross from the left found Andreas deep in the box. Andreas with a lot of composure cleared the defender and passed back to Pascal who finally found the net from the right foot to get us the win. Then the end was us sitting tight in the back and getting some pressure from Armenia, specially after Pascal got his second yellow. Peter had to save a few long distance shots but nothing really serious. Great win guys! Great team effort. Let’s keep up the momentum and get another 3 points next week!


Quick personal note: I injured my hand pretty badly. May have torn some ligaments.
-also with regards to the red card, their player tried headbutting me twice and spitting on me a few times hahaha.

Photos of Men's League Game


Wearing jersery #9
My older brother wearing #6